The Vault: Dubstep, A Message to the Alien Overlord Xenu, (Original Date 1/16/16)

“So this was my second post on the Broke Man site. Yes I am an atheist, but I try not to be an ass about it. This was not the case, mostly because Scientology can be a little ridiculous. Look I don’t care what religion you are, accept it a part of yourself, I don’t want anything to do with it. I don’t have to agree with you, but don’t bitch about it.”

Dubstep has been described as a type of Electronic dance music that has a combination of broken beat, drum and bass, and reggae. Every dubstep song sounds like alien music. It sounds like they’re sending a message to somebody. Like they’re trying to make contact with some sort of alien overlord. The only alien overlord that comes to mind is xenu, the god of scientology. It has some sort of connection, scientology and dubstep are connected somehow.
First of all scientology is a religion that addresses the spirit more than the body. Made by L. Ron Hubbard when he left World War II, he wrote 5,000 writings on this. Scientologists believe that a alien named xenu came to the planet, but whoops, landed in a volcano, then his parts, (Hubbard believed it was a male), spread out and eventually mutated into human life (cannot make this s%^t up). This has been dexribed as a cult by France, smart country. they also try to make more financial advances than any other religion.
So what does dubstep have to do with it? ​The way it sounds can suggest alien contact. The biggest example of this is Skrillex. Before he teamed up with Diplo and formed Jack U, for a while was part of the scientology movement.  His parents are both scientologists and went to an L.A. Arts academy based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. A big example of Skrillex taking this seriously is “Scary Monster and Nice Spirits.” It’s obviously a call to him, the lyrics are backwards but they say, “I’m just like you, you don’t need to hide, for I’m just like You.” He’s saying he’s a part of xenu in a way. Just listen to the song,

Skrillex Channel – Uploaded on October 23, 2010

Skrillex seemed like he was renouncing his faith when he teamed up with diplo, the song, “Where are you now,” seemed to have proved that without Justin Bieber or the teenaged girls listening to the song actually knowing about it. Or it could be skrillex weird way of trying to recruit new members to the cult. Skrillex is 26, scientology needs a younger spokes person and to get younger people to join this religion. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are too old to get new younger members. To be fair they could have gotten the green lantern as a spokes person, I’ll leave you to think about that.
After Skrillex though there seems to be a following. here’s a video as an example by some guy named iamxenu:

ypislon – Uploaded on September 13, 2011

This person seems to be following xenu and that’s his/her gift to xenu.

Does all of this sound like an overreaction, maybe, but it could be true? Music is a spiritual thing, this religion is built upon spirit. It doesn’t mean that all music is scientology related. this genre just seems to be the closest thing to a big description of xenu and a saying. Unfortunately, scientology is not ending and will continue to rip off the biggest idiots who believe it, (acting isn’t that hard). More and more dubstep artists create a séance for the lord xenu in hopes that he will return and forgive us for our sins, (sorry that might be Christianity). 

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