Artist Profile: Maxo Kream

Maxo Kream is a rapper from, Alief, which is in Southwest Houston, Texas and it seems that everything he drops gets better and better. Mostly because of his intelligent yet self-aware lyrics that tells a great story with each and every song. But where do these lyrics come from?

Maxo Kream was born Emekwanem Ogugua Biosah, Jr. in 1990 growing up in Alief, Texas. He didn’t really begin rapping until he was in high school when he was in the group Kream Clicc. Most of his time growing up though have been through some struggles. This includes being part of the 52 Hoover Gangster Crips when growing up, his father being incarcerated for fraud for most of his teenage years, and his day-to-day life in this sub-section of Houston. Maxo started gaining fame in 2012 for Kendrick Lamar’s remix of, “Rigamortus.”

Maxo Kream Channel – Uploaded on December 19, 2011

His first mixtape, “Retro Card,” and second mixtape, “Quicc Strikes,” shot him even further up, but it wasn’t till #Maxo187 in 2016 that he started getting acclaim from XXL Magazine and Pitchfork. This mixtape would feature the cult hit, “Cell Boomin,” featuring Father, another Houston rapper.

Maxo Kream channel- Uploaded on April 1, 2015

This mixtape also features, Joey Bada$$, Fredo Santana and fellow Houston rappers, The Sauce Twinz. Maxo would come with his mixtape, “The Persona Tapes,” in 2016, but later that year in October, he would be arrested in Richmond Texas for an organized crime act. In 2018, Maxo Kream came out with his first album, “Punken.”

BLACKHAND MUSIC – Uploaded on April 16th, 2018

This album was heavily acclaimed most notably by Noisey, FACT, and The AV Club. The album features Trippie Redd, D. Flowers, and 03 Grado and, (If the lyrics, beat, and flow weren’t good enough for you), really put this album together, (And that’s the only time you’ll hear me say that about an intelligent rappers’ music).

Around June 27, 2019, he signed to Roc Nation, the label on his bio would call him

“Perhaps the last great storyteller in rap”

Roc Nation bio of Maxo Kream

Then the next month, around the 19th, he came out with his most recent and first major label album, “Brandon Banks.”

Maxo Kream – Uploaded on July 19th, 2019

This album would feature Houston’s biggest names, Travis Scott and Meghan Thee Stallion as well as featuring Schoolboy Q. This would also include producers such as Zaythoven and d.a.Doman.

Maxo Kream puts everything he is about in his music. Every mixtape or album is a chapter in the story of Maxo Kream “#Maxo187,” is a reflection of his street life and reflections of his family. “Punken,” depicts his growth and his hardships despite trying to leave the street life. “Brandon Banks,” is about how he defied the odds and left the street life, at the same time, not yet being able to get his family and friends out of poverty. It’s all gotta connect, the mixing, the mastering, the production and lyrics, and he does it in strides. He tries to make something different each and every project, at the same time, keeping the underground roots. Let’s go back to, “Brandon Banks,” although he has Zaythoven and d.a.Dohen, it would also feature local producers Teej and Ryan ESL that have been on his past mixtapes and at the sametime would feature one of the most gifted board-smiths in music Mike Dean. Also even though you know his life story through his music, he has a playful demeanor, can be really goofy, and often telling self-aware jokes throughout his music. So wants to look back at his life, while looking ahead, he uses this by cracking jokes and knowing he’s getting closer and closer to getting everybody he knows out of poverty. Also anyone who laughs at himself is f^&%ing great! You can look at his gold grin, or the trademark gap, but that doesn’t change the fact that he went through a life that a lot of people went through, and a lot of young people are going through this right now, but that’s why he’s a good role model. He can get out of that life without forgetting where he came from, because really… That’s why he is where he is. So now all we can do is wait for the next chapter. But while you’re doing that, listen to his music on Spotify and Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter, (@MAXOKREAM) and on Instagram, (@maxokream).

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