Album Review: “Halve,” by Hibou

Hibou is from Seattle, Washington and has a has a really great atmospheric and melodic sound. His recent album, “Halve,” came out and from what you’ll read about Hibou, this is his life’s work. This obviously shows as he seems to be making an album that every person with anxiety or depression in the 21st Century can feel. This album is very personal for that reason, for every song seems to have a connection with Hibou’s history of dissociative depersonalization disorder:, which means his mind has a frequent inability to feel connected with his body. This shows with his pop/alternative/electric/new wave sound that we’re all accustomed to, but it’s elevated in such a way, like you turned it up from 6 to 11 real quick. What this creates is a wavy, hazy, hypnotic sound that should keep you relaxed and allows you to take that well needed breath. This album was designed to make you think about what you were and who you are now. When you have albums that create a feeling of connecting with the artists, it more special, and if, “Clarity,” didn’t do it, the songs, “Inside Illumination,” and, “An Hour of Vision,” will hit you instantly. This isn’t just a album that one of your favorite artists wrote, this is a piece of music therapy. A lot of us do go through mental health issues and a lot of us, (Including myself), have used music to help us cope with any life situation and this is no exception. For these reasons, it’s 4.5/5 stars.

You can find them on Spotify, but buy this album on Bandcamp! Follow Hibou on Instagram why don’t cha

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