Tay K Got 55 Years

So it looks like Tay-K is getting 55 years in federal prison for murdering a 21-year-old man during a 2016 home invasion. In case you don’t know, Tay-K was well known for, “The Race,” in 2017 while on the run from the police. The song did reach #70 on the Billboard charts and rose to fame.. Along with the 55 years he was fined $10,000 and sentenced to 30 years for aggravated robbery and also another 13 years for two separate accounts of aggravated robbery. There were six people involved including a 15-year old girl devising a plan in which he asked Tay-K if he had any guns, he did not have any, but somehow she found some guns and she said she knew someone who was, “Trigger Happy.” Tay-K pleaded guilty to the aggravated robbery, but not the murder. Prosecutors easily said that even though he didn’t pull the trigger he was just as responsible. That’s fair, but the question remains, did he deserve jail time? Well yes, for the aggravated robbery, but not for the murder. From what’s being reported by People Magazine, this wasn’t part of the plan, and he didn’t shoot anyone. It sounds like he was an accomplice to all this, not the leader, not the supplier, he was there though. So he doesn’t deserve too much time, maybe about 20 years, but 55 years? The weird thing about all this is that the Chick-Fil-A robbing and killing of a 23-year old in 2017 wasn’t really mentioned in all this. That’s for a separate case. No, the main piece of evidence according to Genius, is the lyrics to, “The Race.”

Genius, Published on July 23rd, 2019

The suggestive lyrics, seem to be the main piece of evidence in all this, even Richard Walker, the son of Ethan Walker saying that, “The lyrics is laced with my son’s blood.” It’s true that sometimes a rappers’ lyrics will come back to bite them, but at the same time, he’s a 16-yeat-old kid, it shouldn’t be too hard to think that some of his lyrics are exaggerated. Can’t be blamed though that his lyrics would be used against him, This song was based on this scenario, including the verse, “I-I-I woke up too moody, who gon’ die today (Skrrt, Skrrt)?” At the same time he’s a stupid kid, who got insanely big, the Cash Me Outside girl should get as much as Tay-K and her lyrics suggest that she did worse and she da baddest bitch. It’s hard to tell if he should be in jail this long because of these lyrics, but really it shouldn’t determine Tay-k’s entire life. Whether this is right or wrong, this is happening, and right at the peak of this career, after, “The Race,” he came out with banger, after banger, after banger. Now he’s going to spend most of his life in jail. So what will happen to him when he gets out, well it seems like he’ll rap about his experiences. Can’t wait for that!

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